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As my photos starting taking over this account I decided to make a new account for my art.

:icontoyger:Toyger is my main account.
If you need to get in touch with me about something not related to the photos or something very urgent, Toyger is where you find me.

I would love if you commented or faved my art too. I spend allot more time on it than my photos.

My YouTube!

I have Monetising on youtube, which means I actually earn money for my views! =D

Please watch my videos and give them a thumbs up! :w00t:

A cute newborn kitten meowing, just 10 hours old. Then something happens O_o


Feb 19, 2017
2:43 pm
Feb 18, 2017
9:41 am
Feb 16, 2017
5:35 pm
Feb 15, 2017
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Feb 14, 2017
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Pikachu and Raichu
These are my Chinchilla girls Pikachu (left) and Raichu (right)
They are bonded sisters and will always live together =)
I got them around November, from a very improper home. They had the dirthyest cage I've ever seen, can't have been changed in a month or more. It was also too small for the two of them and had nothing of what they need. No hay, no gnawing stones, no sticks and just a tiny scrap of food. And on delivery they droped the bomb that they are probably pregnant! D=
So I kept them on pregnancy watch (which ment separating them for a while D= ) and gave them alphalpha hay, but so far no kits, so probably not pregnant after all. She did claim it had been about two months since they were with the male, so if they give birth now it means she didn't tell the trouth.

There is still a chance they can be pregnant though, after comming here. So if they give birth more than 3 months after I got them then it's my fault =P
One of the girls got out on Christmas, and was out all night before the pet sitter noticed. I also had Pikachus cage next to the male cage, but with a tiny distance for a few days. Then I learned their penis is 8cm long so they might have mated through the bars even though I had a small distance between the cages O_o
Crazy animals! ;)

So if Raichu gives birth it's cause of the escape, and if Pikachu gives birth it's cause of the cage distance =P
But Raichu didn't seem to have been in the pet room (the cage she escaped from was in the living room and she was found under the sofa) and there was a good distance between the cages with Pikachu, question is if it was enough. Ikeep them together for now and will onlt separate them if I find clear signs of pregnancy.
Angelus the Big Angel
When going to the basement with some stuff I heard the cutest sad meow, went to look and found this little Angel. Well, big Angel! He is kinda Main Coon sized! <3
He was in a very bad condition. Starved, dirty and full of mated fur knots so big his skin was soar. I gave him a bath and a shave and tried to find who owned him, but with no luck. After about a month and a half I found a stray with ID marked in her ear, so I brought him as well to check if he had a chip anyway. He didn't! The vet said I could claim him as mine if I wanted, so I did. I chiped him and have since also given him vaccine =^_^=

The stray had walked quite a bit from her home, and they were so happy to get her home :)
Angelus absolutely loved her! He ran up and started to groom her. And when we had foster kittens he became a dad to them. Groomed and played with them carefully, called for them when he couldn't find them. He is helping me tame Loke, the feral big kitty captured at 7 months (now about 8-9 months, starting to warm up to me quite a bit! =D ) They are best buds, Loke keeps headbutting Angelus, and the play and groomeachother all the time =)

My prudy senior cat Eevee has decided not to like him though, even though he has done nothing to deserve it =P
I think she just wants to be an "only child". They don't fight, she just hiss at him if she is in a bad mood.

This is a Iphone photo. Will have better of him later =)
Conan the Prazsky Krysarik
This is my newest baby =^_^=
Yes, on Friday the 13th I recieved my 13th baby =P
I will introduce them all, but first, Conan! =D

He is a purebreed, my first ever pet with a pedegree (everyone else are rescues, from shady homes and bad backgrounds)
He was sold for a fairly low price by a third party though, and came with less info and lesser shape than I thought he would. Mostly needed a bath badly, and had some knots in his fur. His temperament is absolutely perfect! Friendly towards everything, be it strangers, children, big dogs, small dogs, rodent or cats! (very important =P ) Yet smart enough to know when not to go closer (hissing cats). He is a very silent dog. He has made one half atempt of a bark. He do make whimpery sounds when he needs to go pee though, which is a good thing! =D

He suposedly came with "all he needs". He came with a cage with blankets, the collar he wore (but no leash), a bag of food (in a non descript bag so we don't know what kind) and his papers (which didn't include his vaccination card). So even though he isn't a rescue he is a rehomed pet at least.

He is 6 years old. His breed, Prazsky Krysarik (also known as Prague Ratter), has a life expectancy of 12-14 years. So unless he gets hurt or ill he has half his life left, maybe more =)
It's a very rare breed, rarely seen outside of the origin country. Accoring to his papers he was actually bought there, in the Czech Republic, and brought to Norway as a puppy =^_^=

He looks very much like a long hair Chiuahua mixed with a Papillon, but is the size of the smaller Chiuahuas. The short hair version of this breed is more common than the long. They are known for great temperament and much more silent. Also bright and intelegent and easy to learn tricks =)
With a bit of luck I've found he knowst "Sitt" for sitting down and "dekk" for laing down (common commands in Norway) but unsure what else he might know. He doesn't seem to recognise his name though, so I will consider wether or not I keep it.

This is the first dog I own though, so a whole new teretory =)
Loke the Feral
I want to introduce my newest baby. He is a ferral cat who has just partly started to warm up to me, so I can't get the best photos yet. He was captured in a colony of wild cats in November, guessed to be around 7 months old at the time with no human contact. I was his foster home from the day he was captured, and found he was a timmid cat who preffered hiding from fighting. He is very friendly towards the other cats and has no aggression other than hissing in fear. He never bites me, but others can't touch him. He gradually let me touch him more, mostly durring night and on my bed. He will even purr for me there (but only there).

It was my room mate who were signed up with the animal protection organisation to be a foster home, but working conditions made her choose to move out. I didn't feel up to contionuing the foster care as I find it fairly stressfull and led to situations I'm not comfortable with. So I decided to lett them re-home him, to a nother foster home. Our other fosters were two kitten brothers, one tame as they come and the other a bit more skittish yet tame. When we had an adoption visit on them it went very bad; the kittens reacted horribly to strangers D=
This made me fear even more for my precious who only lets me touch him. The next day we had a vet apointment to do some minor stuff like vacination and chipping. I felt like asking, just in case though doubtful, if castration had to be ordered as a special appointment. Nope, not at all! And suddenly Loke (and his friend Leo whom my friend is keeping) lost their nuts ;)

This ment Loke had everything from the "care package", all that will be done by the rescue organisation. He is not ready to be adopted mentally, but physically he has all that they cover. All I have to do is pay the fee and sign a contract (and hey, they are coming here the next day to sign for the kittens! (despite their bad visit they decided to give them a home =^_^= )

When I stood there with his limp sedated body in my hands I decided, you are mine now, I can't let you go. We sent a message to claim him that evening, and that night he turned over to expose his belly while I was petting him, letting me give him his first belly rub =^_^=

Loke is the Norwegian spelling of Loki, the trickster God =)
New Year 2017
Happy New year everyone! =D

Got this one without leaving the comfort of my own home =^_^=
Well, had to go out on the terrace on second floor with high fence, so not really out out =P


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25 / 2,000
I love to give out subscriptions when I think someone who is active needs a "lift me up".
But can't afford many. All points will be used on people who need it =)

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I last wrote exactly one year ago today...(on Toyger, was a more than a year ago here) when my computer failed completely. It took me this long to afford a new one and so much has happened. When last I wrote I had three cats.... three beloved babies.... now only one remain... -_-

First was Murre. It happened all to quick and without warning. He seemed a bit under the weather a weekend, but before I could get him to the vet his heart stopped. To this day I know nothing of what happened, why he died. He was an indoor cat, always healthy, and was yet to reach 8 years old. The kindest most gentle soul. I miss hiss purrs and cuddling, he preffered to sleep as close to my face as possible, on top of it if it was his choice. 

Shortly after Ronja started having breathing problems, and even caughed up blood. She managed to live a near normal life till the end and didn't suffer. Only had a small fit off panic when she no longer could breath, and died five minutes later. I'm glad we got a few more months, and she didn't suffer despite the lung cancer. 11 is not bad, but still younger than the avarge for an indoor cat (15-20) 

I still have my Eevee left, the sickest of the bunch but hardy as they get. She is now 10 and though I was told she would not get very old when she had severe kidney failure just before her second birthday the only problem she has is a yest infectoin in her claws which we are currently bateling. 

After my mum died I kept visiting her father every Sunday, like we always did. But two years ago we noticed his mind started failing, slowly but surely. After several bad pnemonias it turned out to be lung cancer, same as Ronja. It made his mind fail, and he started to say the strangest things. Unbirds where attacking and priests in the roof was bothering him. As well as severe paranoia, everyone wanted to steal from him or wanted him dead. In the end he did succumb to the illness, and died just weeks ago. He didn't handle loosing my mum, now he has joined her in the afterlife. 

But on a happier note I have been taking in some strays and mistreated animals. 
First came Fani, she came from a bad situation and needed rehoming on the day, so I took her in. She is a Swede ;) (Wink) 
Shortly after we started taking in some unwanted pets from norways "Craigs List", called FINN. We started out with a bunny and three Guine Pigs. the pigs are her babies =P (Razz)
Came from two homes, one who had droped one in the floor till it died and thus gave away the other, and the other two lived in a garage cause kids lost interes and mum was alergic to hay, so they stopped feeding it to them (it's their main diet!! XD )
The lonely one had scabs, so they all had to go through three shots of scab medication. The scabby one was named Milo, now extended to Milorad. The other two had no real names, so we gave them Akakabuto and Growlite. The bunny was named Sid, but I renamed him John Snow. We are trying to rehome him as bunnies should not be alone and we have so many animals (you'll see ;) (Wink) )

Just a day after, when moving some stuff out of the way to make room for their cages we carried something down in the basement and a cat jumped out! He was in a horrible condition! I had to shave much of his fur, which had been so constricting he had scabs and sores, and in the time we've had him he has more than doubled in weight! We still did look for a previous owner, as he could have gotten lost. A few monts later I found a lost cat with "ID" printed in her ear, so I brought him along with me. Found her home, (and they where happy to get her back! Had been missing a few weeks) and he had no chip. The vet agreed that our search had been extencive enough, and let me chip him and keep him as mine. I named him Angelus, as he is quite an angel! He is friendly with everyone and every species! I feel Murre sent him to me. We call him "fake Murre", cause they have so many personality traits in common, and he too was a rescue. And he is HUGE! Murre was big too, but he is even bigger! Norwegian Forest cat, or more likely Main Coon in his mix. 

Then we found the mouse. I always wanted a mouse, even captured a wild one myself when I was young! "Mice and two cages for free" it said... We got a male mouse and a tiny baby... no mother... Tried to ask how long ago they lost mum, no real answer.... Hours, days? "Don't know..." D=
Not sure of age on either, and though I tried the baby only lived a few days =( (Sad) 
I still have his dady, no clue of his age though, and they don't get very old to begin with. And neither of the two cages are in use, they where bad =P (Razz)
We called them Yuki and Snowflake, both were snow white, but as the days passed and we had hopes for the little one surviving he took the name Yuki instead, baby Yuki, and father bit him so we called him Akito instead. I still have Akito, and he bites =P (Razz)

Later one of my other most wanted animals showed up, from a decent enough home this time, just lost interest; Chinchilla! They are expencive, and came with one of the best kind of cages, they are hugely expencive! Had to pay a tiny bit, a fraction of their worth! And I love them o_O 
They are my babies!! <3
They had the names Happy and Pepper... I was like.. NOPE! Sasuke and Itachi =^_^=
Sasuke is the tamest, Itachi makes the strangest noises when I try to pet him.. quacking =P (Razz)
But both are handleable. Later we found a lonely chilla male neeing friends so I took him in too. Called him Madara first, but later decided on Totoro.
Then I found the girls, living in a small cage outdoors (we have temperatures below freezing and horrible winds and rains, only by luck have we not had snow (only rained when just above freezing). They lacked for everything. No hay, no sticks, no mineral stones, hardly any food and their bedding was discusting! And what do you know, they are pregnant! o_O
They have yet to give birth, but hopefully it will go OK. I have gotten them new cages, but will probably have to use their small one with the little ones (they do recomend small then, and tight wiering as they get loose if not). They had no names, so Pikachu and Raichu. They are quite tame at least! <3

Amidst all that we also got in contact with a local animal rescue when we had the baby mouse. And agreed to help home foster cats. We started of with two easy ones, Rasmus and Denis. They where 10 weeks old and had been bottle fed, thus completely tame. They were sold shortly after they reached 12 weeks old. Next we agreed to two new kittens found in a forest. They were semi wild, one more than the other, and just old enough to not need bottle feeding. Scorpius and Albus we named them. They are now 12 weeks old and ready to be sold. Scorpius is a cudly, licky sweetheart, but albus is still skittish. they will be tried kept together (the other two didn't need it) 

Then came the "Mother with kittens".... A civilian reported. We agreed and he started capturing them using a big dog cage, First one he captured managed to jump out a window... he learned and came to us directly instead of trying to move them to a pet carier. The first one we got, Leo, is not even a stray! He is a pet cat, tame as they come! But no one seems to be missing him so he will be kept, actually kept ;) (Wink) Fani is planing on buying him. He is about a year old, so wow, kitten!..not. The second one we got was as wild as they get! She jumped the cage door and gnawed at it to try to get at us isntead of covering in the corner... Sady, when we took her to the vet he had to put her down. "That one can not be tamed" he said. She was the leader of the pack, three years old and favoring biting he could tell by her teeth. Her belly was empty and blader full, even while we where sleeping she did not eat or drink or go bathroom. She would suffer. And we don't do spay and release due to the cold climate here.  It was better for her to be put down he said. This three year old the civilian said was the "runt of the litter"... er... no... Lastly we got Aeries. He too jumped the celing when he was first released, just as the girl had. But he favored run and hide, not biting. He was about 7 months and the vet had high hopes for him. I keep him in my bedroom at night, where he can actually purr on my chest. But he is extremely skittish still and will take time. He eats from my hand and only goes in the litter box, so he can take his time. He has the strangest most adorable voice! I love him quite much, If after a year he gets tame and selable I might just buy him myself. I'll see =) (Smile)

So to cound up, I now have;
2 Cats that are mine
5 Chinchillas + babies on the way
2 gerbils... oh, yeah also saved two gerbils =P (Razz) (Castiel and Crowley)
1 mouse
1 bunny that I'm selling

Fani has 3 Guinea pigs

4 foster cats at the moment. 

The gerbils was from a decent enough home. You can't always tell. They just had too many animals... they had a dog and a hamster, lol!! And they where feeding them the hamster food, which is wrong (Use Gerbil food only the vet said) 
They also had a bad cage for them. Not deep enpugh and they could chew their way out, almost had. They got a proper gerbil cage (of FINN ;) (Wink) ) and the mouse could have their cage after a good cleaning, it was perfect for him =) (Smile) 

Most of these, as seen, came from very bad conditions, only a few did not. We just contacted those who gave away free animals with cages and all cause we wanted them at first, then we kinda goot hooked on helping when we realised just what condition that usually was. We try to stop now, try =P (Razz)
All the cages that needed replacement I managed to get fairly cheep on FINN as well =) (Smile)
So all in all it didn't cost much... unless you count all the spoiling we've been doing ;) (Wink) 

I've also gone through an extencive diagnostic period and been diagnosed with Aspergers. This is something I've asumed since first I heard of it 8-10 years ago, don't remember how long ago, but was through DA I heard of it. When i first read about it I finally "found myself". And I decided not to tell my shrink that, to let her come to the conclution on her own and not cause I told her to look for it. I have it without doupts aparantly, even though I score high on empathy I score so much on the other sides of it that it was not even a borderline case. So I will get some special help when it comes to job, a work practice for... special people if you like. If I can manage to get somehwta beter I might hold a simplyfied job, if not I'll be given disability. Yeah, I'm that bad of =P (Razz) 
I'm a very special snowflake indeed. I live in my own world, still 10 years old in spirit (soon 31 in body, but even body looks more like old child if not for breasts and gray hair, and bad skin but that was always bad) and understand animals more than I do humans. And my appartment is full of stuffies, I collect everything =P (Razz)

Now that I have a new computer I will try to be more active. Will probably nuke my messages and rather see the new stuff than try dig through a year worth of old stuff. And will see if I can still get Adobe photo Shop to work and start to draw again, amybe even try save the image that I lost progress on a year ago (have an older save of it, but lost the finalised version when computer died) 
I've been celebrating my new mac book by playing Guild Wars 2 again though, so no promises, I just might move to Tyria instead ;) (Wink)
If you play, I'm Zilveris =) (Smile) (and Toyger, Pus, Zuno, ShadowCat; but playing Zilveris the most, my new character)


Zuno aka Toyger
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi and thanks for visiting my page =^_^=

I'm a 26 year old girl from :iconnorway: Norway.
I have a strong passion for cats, and have at many occasions saved wild and unwanted kittens.
But I do only own three cats ;)

:iconeeveewiiplz: Eevee Wii Miss Fluffy
:iconronjaplz: Ronja Pus Miss Glaceon
:iconmurreplz: Umbreon Murasame Mr Murre

Please be kind! Don't steal my photos =(

My Accounts:

:icontoyger: Main/Art
:iconcatstock: Stock (Cat, Nature+)
:iconshadowcatstock: Stock (model/me)
:iconlittlewhitewitch: Stock (model-me and friends)
:icontoy-ger: my "toychest"


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